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About Talkied:
Talkied allows you to have fun with audio.

We're the inventors of the "Talking Photo".

A photo is worth a thousand words, so share them.

Upload your photos today to start talking on top of them and share the story behind each one.

Create your profile, follow your friends & family to start having fun with your photos.

A few ways to have fun:
· Talking Photos
Upload your images to start talking on photos and bring them to life.
· Drop a Message
Drop a geo locked message for your friends in any location in the world. They'll only be able to listen to your message when they visit your exact spot.
· Create a Group
Bring your friends, family or followers together to discuss any topic you want.
· Start a Conversation
Start discussing a specific article, video, tweet, social media post, website & more. Add a link to your conversation and start talking.
· Create a Playlist
Mix a list of recordings & links together to dj a curated list of content from the Internet. Mix songs, articles, links, youtube videos & more. Great for teaching a topic, discussing new ideas or have fun with music.
· Ask a Question
Get authentic and real responses to any question. Real voices from real people answering your question. Ask your community, friends, followers, etc to sound off and let you know how they feel about any topic.
· Add your Business
Let your customers drop audio messages at your business for their friends to unlock when they visit. Turn your restaurant, bar or shop into a fun social experience and drive foot traffic.

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Drop photos, videos & audio messages anywhere in the world for your friends & family to find.

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